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katsucon 2012

so this is a sort of a combination post of cosplay preview pictures but also a “here’s who i was this past weekend” for purposes of identification/photo tagging/getting in touch/whatever…

on friday i was three in the morning jade harley! i was at the homestuck shoot and the formall ball, running around with a plush suit dave, ya-te-veo (whose suit is the most plush jsyk)

on saturday i was the tardis and twilight sparkle briefly, but for most of the day i was ante up madoka

and then later for the 10:25 homestuck shoot and draw party i was jade harley in shuttershades and an “everyday i’m hussie’n” shirt


sunday i was madoka in her normal magical girl outfit (no thug lyfe for me that day).

and that’s it. i talked to a TON of people this con, so if you were one of them feel free to drop me an ask and say hi (´・ω・`)

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  1. nightvalency said: hi i think we might have run into each other katsu but im not really sure <@:o(
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