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i'm a college student who likes to cosplay in my free time!

what's on this blog: cosplay, a whole lotta game of thrones/asoiaf, ace attorney, pacific rim, star trek, fire emblem, lotr/the hobbit, anastasia, tomb raider, johanna mason, the occasional doodle, and a lot of other things/whatever i feel like. this is very much a multifandom blog! i study french, italian, and translation so things relating to those might show up too. i also enjoy food and cats

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Oh no silver-land was talking about rewatching gankutsuou and i went through some of my old cosplay photos and got a lot of feelings

The Count | Albert | Franz | Eugenie

2 years ago // cosplay - gankutsuou - eugenie danglars - albert de morcerf - franz d'epinay - this is from like 2009?? - + 42
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